Knees Over Toes ATG Basketball Strength Training Victoria, BC

What The Athlete Will Get:

  • Strength train with Joe Erlic, who was mentored by Ben Patrick, the "Knees Over Toes Guy" while he visited Ben in Clearwater, Flordia.
  • Significantly increase joint Strength to protect athlete from injuries.
  • Ability to dunk repeatable, pain-free and without injury in 1 to 4 years of training depending on age and ability.
  • Athletic Boost In-Season or Off-Season.
  • Athletes, including beginners, will gadually and measurably work toward World Class Jumping, Landing, Change of Direction and Running Abilities.
  • Become strong and flexible while acheiving optimal weight for basketball.
  • Recover / Rehab / Rebalance / Restrengthen past injuries or athletic limitations.
  • Elite basketball skills training (shooting, dribbling, 1-on-1) from Joe Erlic who was coached by Ian Hyde-Lay, Steve Nash's high school coach.
  • No long-term contracts or commitments! However, just 12 Weeks of ATG coahcing will not only teach the athlete everything they need to know to safely workout on their own for the rest of their basketball career, but it will also set them up for a totally joint pain-free life into old age.
Joe Erlic

Program Goals

This program is for basketball players who want to reduce their chance of injury while gaining overall strength and pain-free jumping ability.

This is the same type of training that Ben Patrick, the "Knees Over Toes Guy" gives to his NCAA Division 1 and NBA basketball players. The training starts at any level, even for beginners who have never strength trained before!

Not only will this program allow athletes to jump high repeatedly without pain or injury, but it will also allow them to land safely repeatedly and strengthen joints to world class levels.

Acheiving world class basketball physique is a long-term journey, however, athletes will notice results in a week, significantly improved athletic ability and joint protection in 12 weeks, and the ability to safely dunk a basketball in 1 to 4 years depending on age and ability.

Joe Erlic's Knees Over Toes ATG Basketball Strength Training is divided into 4 phases, 12 weeks each because it takes 12 weeks for connective tissue (Tendons, Ligaments, and Facia) to remodel. However, there are no long-term contracts or commitments! And even just 12 weeks of ATG coaching will teach the athlete everything they need to know to safely workout on their own, which will not only set them up for the rest of their basketball career, but also set them up for a totally pain-free life into old age.

Improved jumping and landing ability and protection from injury is a direct result of this program. Elite basketball cardiovascular ability is a byproduct of strong joints and pound for pound strength, produced from this program.

Joe Erlic

Michael Jordan was protected from injury and was rarely fatigued (known for his 4th quarter dominance) because his connective tissue was so strong. Having strong connective tissue means you are strong pound for pound. Micheal Jordan could squat 550 pounds and bench press 380 pounds despite only being 210 pounds, himself. That’s pound for pound strength.

Joe Erlic
Joe Erlic
Joe Erlic

Coach Joe Erlic

I have over 10,000 hours of athletic training experience. I understand the level of detail required to build world class basketball players from any level of athletic ability because I have been mentored by three world class strength trainers, Ben Patrick, Keegan Smith, and Ben Clarfield, all of whom have directly trained under the best strength trainer in Olympic history, Charles Poliquin. I have flown to Florida to meet and train with Ben Patrick, who has achieved world class results for himself and repeatedly for others. I grew up in Victoria, BC playing various sports including basketball, rugby, soccer, tennis and spent thousands of hours in the weight room training for them. My most recent training credential was becoming BCRPA Certified. However, my ATG (Athletic Truth Group) education is never ending and is the cornerstone of my knowledge because ATG taps into the best Olympic training knowledge in the world.

My Experience

  • Over 10,000 Hours of Athletic Training
  • BCRPA Certified - 1 Year
  • ATG Coach & Education - 2 Years
  • Strength Training Athletes - 8 Years
  • Coaching Basketball/Rugby/Soccer Skills & Strategy - 8 Years
  • Played Basketball - 18 Years
  • Played Rugby - 14 Years
  • Played Soccer - 23 Years
  • BC Basketball U16
  • BC Rugby U18
  • Rugby Canada U20
  • Premier Rugby UVIC Varsity - 5 Years
  • Trained with Ben Patrick in Clearwater, Florida
  • Mentorship under Keegan Smith, through regular text and video calls
  • Mentorship under Ben Clarfield, weekly video calls
  • Coached by Ian Hyde Ley who coached Steve Nash - 6 Years
  • Guarded Steve Nash in the SMUS 2012 Alumni Game

Joe Erlic
Joe Erlic

Joe Erlic
Joe Erlic

Highlighted Videos

One of my athletes, Gabe, who used to have injured knees

Ben Patrick's Standing Dunk when I visited ATGHQ in Florida

I trained with an athlete named, Court, who works with Ben Patrick

At 29 years old, my jumping ability is only improving

Me Playing with Ben Patrick, Court and the ATG Staff

No More Knee Pain Gabe

My Mentors

Joe Erlic

Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin strength trained and coached the most gold medal athletes in history across 19 different sports, including Stefan Holm who was 5'11” and the only person in history under 6 feet tall to win a gold medal in high jump, jumping over a 2.45-meter-high bar.

Joe Erlic

Charles Poliquin directly trained and mentored my current mentors, Ben Patrick (The Knees Over Toes Guy), Keegan Smith and Ben Clarfield. The three of them used Charles’s methodology to create ATG and achieve world class results in their sports, as well as help many athletes do the same. I am an ATG coach. My mentors, documented Charles’s technics and scaled them down so that literally anyone can use them and so they began helping athletes and non-athletes alike, to get out of knee pain. No matter age or ability, given enough time and dedication it is now possible for anyone to achieve world class results. Although world class results may take years, if not decades to achieve depending on the person.

As an ATG coach I am in direct contact with my mentors regularly over zoom calls and text and I receive advice from them daily.

Joe Erlic
Joe Erlic

Ben Patrick

“The Knees Over Toes Guy” had painful knees at 19 years old and couldn’t jump high enough to touch the backboard on a basketball hoop.

He networked and raised the money necessary to train with Charles Poliquin for $1,000/day and took meticulous notes and articulated his methods. Eventually, Ben become great friends with Charles and the two of them would email each other consistently for many years, exchanging ideas. By 23 years old, Ben, could easily dunk repeatedly without injury, and he earned himself a Division 1 NCAA basketball scholarship in the United States.

Having reached world class jumping ability with a clear and measurable way to achieve it, he decided to pursue training others under the Poliquin system and created ATG. He coached many youth athletes to achieve Division 1 NCAA scholarships by training them to reach measurable, world class standards. He figured out ways to regress exercises so that genetics isn’t a barrier to athleticism, or even just a pain-free life.

His mission evolved into reducing the number of knee surgeries needed by the public by showing people how to strengthen their knees. Anyone can achieve world class results over years or decades of training, starting from a pain-free level. And that is always the key. Having a coach to help you find your pain-free level, wherever that may be.

Ben is 32 now and continues to reach new peaks of his athleticism, he has trained many professional athletes, NBA players, billionaires, celebrities, youth athletics, elderly, all using Poliquin's methods. Ben's training partner, Derek Williams, began training with Ben at age 40, Derek is 45 years old now and can easily run, jump and dunk, completely pain-free.

Ben's Mom, Celia Patrick, can full-on sprint at age 70 from training with ATG/Poliquin methods. Ben also co-created the first ever Barefoot basketball shoe which he just gave to Lebron James recently.

Joe Erlic

Lebron James recently bought his barber every piece of ATG equipment available. From speaking with Ben directly, I can’t tell if Lebron is using ATG/Poliquin style methods to train, however, athletic training for professional athletes has always been kept secret for competitive reasons. The internet has only allowed this type of information to spread in recent years because of online commerce. In fact, ATG education for coaching has only been available to the public for the past two years. As a bonus, if you listen to some of Ben's podcasts, you will hear that Ben is under all sorts of Non Disclosure Agreements, but he hinted to me that he may have helped Lebron feel better before game 7 in the play-offs. In addition to that, when I was in Clearwater, Florida, he told me all about his trip to LA, that he just got back from, where he trained both Usher and Beyonce.

Joe Erlic
Joe Erlic

Sonny Bill Williams (Left), Keegan Smith (Right)

Keegan Smith

Strength coached the Sydney Roosters NRL (National Rugby League, an Australian league comparable to NFL in America) team to two world championships despite the team being lowly ranked in the league. He then strength coached and consulted for the Parramatta Eels (Australia), London Broncos (UK) and the Catalan Dragons (France) and achieved the same results using Charles Poliquin’s systems and methods. He also personally strength trained Sunny Bill Williams (the Lebron James of rugby) and Quade Cooper (The Steph Curry of rugby) and witnessed the All Blacks (New Zealand’s version of the USA Basketball Dream Team but for rugby) using Poliquin/ATG movements and methods to train.

Joe Erlic

Charles Poliquin (Left), Ben Clarfield (Right), Ben Patrick (Left), Ben Clarfield (Right)

Ben Clarfield

Ben was mentored by Preston Greene, the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the University of Florida Gators Men’s Basketball Team. Ben is a PICP Level 3 (Poliquin International Certification Program) and trained directly under Poliquin at the Eleiko Institute in Sweden and at the Poliquin Strength Institute in Rhode Island. He currently owns Reach Personal Training in Toronto where he trains many pro athletes.

Athletes That Ben Clarfield Trained

  • Jared Odrick, Defensive Tackle, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Derrick Shelby, Defensive End, Miami Dolphins
  • Kendall Langford, Defensive Tackle, Indianapolis Colts
  • Jack Crawford, Defensive End, Dallas Cowboys
  • Terrence Fede, Defensive End, Miami Dolphins
  • Sam Brenner, Offensive Lineman, Miami Dolphins
  • Nelson Kaputo, U-17 Canada Basketball, St. Bonaventure University

Program Breakdown (No Long-Term Commitment)

Phase 1: Joint Strength Basics

Length: 12 Weeks

Description: Athletes will learn the basic 20 ATG movements. Focus on form. These movements expose weaknesses, so we know which movements to spend more time on. Connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, fascia) will be prepared to become thick and pliable. Current or past injuries or limitations will be properly recovered, rehabbed, rebalanced, and restrengthened. After the first 12 weeks of training, athletes will then have the tools to safely train on their own for the rest of their basketball career, while giving them the knowledge to live a joint pain-free life into old age.

Phase 2: Joint Strength Dense

Length: 12 Weeks

Description: Athletes will practice fewer movements, significantly increase repetitions to master each movement. At this stage there will be specific movement selection for building connective tissue thickness and pliability for jumping and landing. For Dense workouts, timing, pacing and technic is vital.

Phase 3: Joint Strength Standards

Length: 12 Weeks

Description: Athletes will work toward the world class standard for each ATG movement that is directly applicable to basketball. Reaching each measurable standard ensures that athletes can jump high and land safely repeatedly without injury.

Phase 4: Joint Strength Genetic Potential

Length: 12 Weeks

Description: Athletes will build toward maximum power over 11 weeks. They will train at 80% of their maximum until the last week where we test at 100% maximum strength. Keep in mind that at this point athletes will have trained for 47 weeks so their body will be prepared for maximum strength testing.

Phase 5: Jumping/Playing

Length: 4 Weeks

Description: The remaining 4 weeks of the year are used for random movement, jumping, and playing your favorite sport. After this phase it's back to basics for another 12 weeks and the 52-week cycle repeats. After 10 cycles of World Class Athlete, it is possible for the average youth athlete to become one of the world's greatest jumpers, regardless of genetics.

Joe Erlic

Eliminate Joint Pain,
Gain Functional Strength
& Optimize Your Recovery

Fast-Track Your Fitness Evolution and Conquer Joint Pain.

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  • Improve Pain-Free Movement

    Have the strength of an adult but the mobility of a toddler. As we are young, we are weak but nimble, as we grow old, we become strong and rigid. As we grow older, we become weak and rigid. Let us reverse that and regain our elasticity of life while maintaining our adult strength.

  • Easy Workouts for Anyone

    ATG Workouts scale to any level, whether you are old or young, weak or strong, nimble or rigid. Our number one focus is to find your Pain-Free Ability. In other words, what can you do comfortably and pain-free? And work from there. Like thousands of people training ATG before you, your pain-free ability will likely improve over time.

  • Functional Body Education

    Not only will I be teaching you the 20 ATG Standard movements that engage your entire body, but I will also be giving you the education to take care of your body for the rest of your life. After just 12 weeks of coaching, you will learn everything you need to know to safely workout on your own, if that is what you would like!

  • Joe Erlic
  • I'm Joe Erlic, and as a BCRPA certified professional and ATG coach, my mission is to teach as many people as possible the 20 ATG Standards, which are 20 movements that functionalize every part of the human body. Anyone who learns the 20 ATG Standards, will be setup for the rest of their life, to safely workout on their own and improve their pain-free ability.

    There are now thousands of people living completely pain-free lives due to learning the 20 ATG Standards, including Usher and Beyonce, who my mentor, Ben Patrick (Knees Over Toes Guy), recently trained.

    The 20 ATG Standards scale to any level, whether you are an elderly beginner or professional athlete. ATG training methods originated from legendary olympic strength coach Charles Poliquin, who has had more restults than any other strength coach on earth. Ben Patrick scaled down Poliquin's methods so that anyone can use them. The result, thousands of knee and back success stories have emerged for old and young.

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