Improve Pain-Free Movement,
Easy Workouts for Anyone
& Functional Body Education

Enhance Your Quality of Life by Working Toward Child-Like Freedom Within Your Body.

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  • Improve Pain-Free Movement

    Have the strength of an adult but the mobility of a toddler. As we are young, we are weak but nimble, as we grow old, we become strong and rigid. As we grow older, we become weak and rigid. Let us reverse that and regain our elasticity of life while maintaining our adult strength.

  • Easy Workouts for Anyone

    ATG Workouts scale to any level, whether you are old or young, weak or strong, nimble or rigid. Our number one focus is to find your Pain-Free Ability. In other words, what can you do comfortably and pain-free? And work from there. Like thousands of people training ATG before you, your pain-free ability will likely improve over time.

  • Functional Body Education

    Not only will I be teaching you the 20 ATG Standard movements that engage your entire body, but I will also be giving you the education to take care of your body for the rest of your life. After just 12 weeks of coaching, you will learn everything you need to know to safely workout on your own, if that is what you would like!

  • Joe Erlic
  • I'm Joe Erlic, and as a BCRPA certified professional and ATG coach, my mission is to teach as many people as possible the 20 ATG Standards, which are 20 movements that functionalize every part of the human body. Anyone who learns the 20 ATG Standards, will be setup for the rest of their life, to safely workout on their own and improve their pain-free ability.

    There are now thousands of people living completely pain-free lives due to learning the 20 ATG Standards, including Usher and Beyonce, who my mentor, Ben Patrick (Knees Over Toes Guy), recently trained.

    The 20 ATG Standards scale to any level, whether you are an elderly beginner or professional athlete. ATG training methods originated from legendary olympic strength coach Charles Poliquin, who has had more restults than any other strength coach on earth. Ben Patrick scaled down Poliquin's methods so that anyone can use them. The result, thousands of knee and back success stories have emerged for old and young.

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